A Song of Ice and Steam – Game of Facials


Unless you’re a highborn lady living in King’s Landing or a queen in your own right, you’ll have to resort to other methods to get a nice facial. Don’t worry, no dragons required… (well, maybe…)
Here are some easy Khaleesi-worthy facials that you can try at home.

Note: The facials should ideally be done only once a week. Like exfoliation, too much could do more harm than good, as it could cause skin irritation. Also, after a facial, give your skin a week to revitalize and refresh itself.


Ice Facial – convenient for those living in the North, at the Wall, or those with a freezer.
Want your skin to have that fresh, supple, healthy glow? Then, an ice facial is the way to go. There are several skin benefits, including increasing blood circulation and smoothing your skin’s texture. In the long run, this facial can help minimize the chances of fine lines becoming prominent. It’s also a very soothing treatment for those with inflamed skin, due to acne.

All you will need are a few ice cubes (2-4 small to medium sized cubes). That’s about it.

1. To begin the ice facial, make sure your face is properly cleansed, makeup-free, and slightly still moist from cleansing.

2. Then, taking an ice cube, lightly go over your entire face. I like to move the ice cube in circular motions, beginning from my chin, then my cheeks, up and down my nose bridge, and to my forehead. I do not go directly under my eye area. I will, however, move the ice cube side-to-side from mid-nose level to my temple, as if tracing a crescent moon shape.

3. Then, I take another ice cube, and go backwards, starting from my forehead and back to my chin. This should take about 2 to 3 minutes, as I find the ice tends to melt quicker with my skin’s natural body heat.

4. Done! Lightly tap your face to warm it up and let the excess water absorb into the skin. Your skin should have a nice and smooth rosy glow. Go about your regular skin care moisture routine.

Quick tip: If the ice cube is too cold or slippery, grip it with a cotton pad, face towel, or Kleenex.



Steam Facial – convenient for those with access to boiling water or hot spring cave, and/or fire-breathing dragons
Although it may not sound pleasant, but steaming your face is a great treatment to loosen the dirt from your pores, as well as the dead skin cells, which makes it easier to remove and results in a squeaky clean face. Like most facials, the steam facial will increase blood circulation in the face. You’ll probably be red in the face immediately after the facial, as if you were in a sauna, but you’ll notice a great difference the next day, in terms of your skin’s complexion.

For the steam facial, all you will need is a pot of boiling water, a medium-to-large-sized mixing bowl, and a body towel.

1. Once again, start off with a clean, makeup-free face.

2. Pour the boiling water one-third up the large mixing bowl.

3. Take the body towel, and envelop it over your shoulders, head and over the mixing bowl. Your face should be facing (and slightly inside) the bowl, not touching the water, and the steam should now be rising up to your face only. The towel acts as a dome to, not only isolate the steam, so that it directs itself to your face, but also to maintain a constant moisture under your towel, like a humidifier.

Note: Do take caution not to let your face come into direct contact with the boiling water. Always keep a safe distance from the water. If you’re too close to the steam, it may become harder to breathe. If this happens, increase the distance between your face and the water. If any dizziness occurs, come out from under the towel, take a breather, and either continue the treatment or discontinue completely (especially if you feel short of breath or sick).

4. Keep under the dome for a maximum of 10 minutes, or until the water has reached room temperature and there is no more steam. Do not go overboard. Too much steam will dry out your skin, and if you ever took a long bubble bath as a child, you’ll know that, like your fingers, your skin can also temporarily wrinkle. So, take care, and stick to the 10 minute maximum guideline. Technically, you should already feel a difference after 5 minutes. It depends on everyone’s skin and ability to withstand the steam.

5. Once finished, come out from under the towel. Your skin will be red and swell a bit. This is completely normal. Rinse your face with lukewarm water. Once dry, go over your skin with your regular skin care moisture routine.

6. Done! How did it feel? Like most facials, you’ll instantly feel that the skin is smoother. The next day, it’ll look much healthier, and have a nice dewy glow.


I hope you enjoyed these two facials. Give them a try. This is just the beginning of our Game of Facials. More is coming…
…well technically ‘are’ coming, but you get what I mean ^_^



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